About Us

Our Furniture Store Serving Indianapolis & Greenwood, IN

We are a unique retail furniture store offering discounted prices through associations with individuals and local businesses. We can offer low prices on quality furniture others cannot simply because of our amazing affiliate program. This program allows people such as yourself, to refer individuals and businesses to our company while earning a percentage of each sale. By doing this our marketing costs are nearly ZERO while creating a massive referral stream.
By partnering with Indy Discount Furniture as an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to offer anyone the ability to purchase top quality furniture at what we believe are perhaps the lowest prices in the country. Did you know that most furniture retailers mark-up furniture as much as 300%? As a partner with Indy Discount Furniture, you’ll provide the same high-quality furniture at about 40% less than retail. So not only are you able to make people happy by saving them money on furniture, but you also make money while doing it!
As an affiliate with Indy Discount Furniture, you will receive your own URL, QR codes, plus many other marketing tools that allow you to refer people to buy furniture and be confident that you receive the credit. You can even log in to the back office and track your sales. You can opt to receive cash or save up to use the credit in store for your next furniture purchase!
We have some tips on how to be successful in an affiliate program like ours:
1. Love what you’re doing
2. Learn from others
3. Learn about the product you’re promoting
4. Be consistent
5. Make a plan
6. Build a strong reputation
7. Stay active
If you want more information on how to become an affiliate of Indy Discount Furniture, please email us at info@indydiscountfurniture.com or click HERE to join!
Discount Furniture Store- Indianapolis, IN